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Professional Business Coaching For Small Business Owners With Proven Success...We Help Create Millionaires

Small Business Owners Come to This Page Because:

1.They are ether at a low point in their business and can't pay their bills or

2. They are doing well and want to get to the next level.

In each situation both groups are wondering if CreativeCoaching can help them.

Why Business Owners Choose Creativecoaching:

1. Because I understand. I was once the struggling business owner on the verge of losing everything and I understand the fear, nausea, and frustration that you are experiencing.

2. Because I have very successful businesses. I understand the stress of being responsible for your employees financial lives. I also understand not having time for family and the feeling of being trapped on a hamster wheel.

3. Because Our coaching program are like none you have ever experienced! Everything is custom-created for you. business owners choose Creativecoaching for the personal service.

4. Because I understand what each business owner individually needs and I can help you in a BIG way!

One of our Client had his best month ever increasing his collections from $48,342.00 to $70,593.00. To quote him, "Easily my best quarter ever Thank You Paul!" 

Three of our clients last quarter became millionaires!

What Will You Learn?

1. You will learn strategic-based marketing that is based on science not throwing "stuff" up against the wall and hoping something sticks. Strategic-based marketing will bring the a steady stream of the best clients and customers to your business. That is why our clients were up on average 44% last year and you can be up too!

3. You will learn how to organize, hire properly, run a business, manage debt and GET RESULTS! We will hold you accountable to doing what you say you will do.

4. You will learn modern strategies that were formulated in this economy. I still own businesses and understand what it takes to run a business in these challenging times. Which makes a HUGE difference for YOU!

5. Experience for yourself what financial freedom, a secure retirement, and minimal stress feels like. You will have access to entire team of business professionals that will ensure your financial growth. We had many clients become millionaires from 2004-present. We look forward to helping you too! 

6. You will learn business skill-sets that will help you achieve finacal independence.

7. You will be held accountable; but more importantly, I will be held accountable to YOU!

8. You will learn to be happy, fulfilled and back in control.

9. You will not have to sign a long-term contract. 

10. You will have a 100% money-back guarantee!

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Pay only if we deliver

Custom Created Business Plans  

1-on-1 Business Coaching


We help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether your business has been around for 30 years, or you are startup made of a small team, Creative Coaching can help you go past your limits and achieve amazing ROI.

Our 32 years of business experience coupled with our proprietary methods have allowed our clients to experience on average a 44% growth last year; and, over a 150% increase in their income since 2008.

Here are a few of the tools we use for your business: 

Management training & consulting

Plans to achieve financial independence 

Strategic-Based Marketing to get the best new clients and customers to your business

Improve Retention


Organization and so much more


Dr. Paul S. Inselman will personally take the time neccessary to understand YOUR business goals and YOUR idea of success. There are always opportunities to expand your business and skillset, which we'll identify based on our extensive experience in business development.  

Through a constant 1:1 dedication, we're looking to help you build the business and life of YOUR dreams not ours. This beneficial relationship will enable you to achieve consistent growth.

Step 1 1:1 meeting with Paul to analyze your particular needs and identify your goals;

Step 2 We create a custom program for you and your team, that will get results, stay within a budget and exceed your expectations.


You’ll get the right tools to:

  • Improve Retention
  • Get more QUALITY Clients and Customers
  • Earn More Money and Achieve Financial Security
  • Get more organized

In other words...

  • You’ll regain your confidence & certainty 
  • You’ll be able to take a vacation every quarter 
  • You’ll replace nervousness & anxiety with positive results 
  • You’ll have a trained team that can become a profit center 
  • You’ll have more free time


Thank you Dr. Paul, 

I'm really finding after 14 years that there really is a different more effective way to run a practice and a business.

I'm loving the added success. Thanks again for everything.

- Dr. Scott Manchester, Jackson, MI

Hi Paul, I felt I should say thanks to you I now can say that I do not make those mistakes. I still need work on all, especially step one, but everything is SO MUCH better since we started coaching! I have been thinking today just how lucky I am. I am looking around at my life amazed and thankful at how great it is! It is nice to have self talk that says: I love this place, I love living here, I love my practice, I love my life, etc. 

- Heather

Hey Paul, I want to thank you for your time and expertise. I started working with you in August, 2006 and since then GREAT things have been happening.

August Collections up 10%. September collections up 15%. I feel like I have control of my life instead of my life having control over me!!!"

- Milwaukee, WI

Paul: Where do I begin? When I started coaching with you I was literally down to my last $5,000. When my wife heard that I was going to spend money on coaching with you she began to cry. She told me how irresponsible I was and how I had ruined her life. Tough words to hear from someone you love. 

I asked her as you suggested to meet with you and just listen to your plan. I told her that you were not pushy, and that you were very different than the other coaches I had worked with in the past. 

I don't know how (fate I guess), but she agreed to speak with you. You were so kind and caring. You kept telling us not to worry "things will turn around if you want them to".

That echoed in my mind and somehow we both got the courage to push on. When we got off of the phone my wife had almost a glowing look. She looked at peace and she said to me "I know you will succeed!" You have my full support to start working with Paul. 

I honestly never met anyone like you. For the first 2 weeks, we talked several times per day. Each call was uplifting but more importantly the calls gave me hope. Next you actually created a step by step plan with me. It was like follow the dots. Now 10 months later my practice is very solid again.

In May we had the best month in over two years!

My bank account has $37,200 in it and we feel much more secure knowing WE ARE ON THE GROW AGAIN. Paul, Melissa and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

- William and Melissa

Dear Paul: I have to admit that I was the worlds biggest skeptic. I have been in business for 28 years. I have been to every business consultant and guru out there. I actually started way back when with Tony, the father of coaches. I don't know what happened, but in 2002 I lost my way. I mean I really lost my way. My business dropped over 40%. I decided that I needed help so I began coaching with another coaching company. The garbage that they told me was just that...GARBAGE. I left them by breaking my contract and paying $1200.00 extra just to be rid of them and started on my path again. Still not able to get my business going, I hired another coaching company. This company was good until they got too big and forgot about me. In disgust, I left them and vowed I would never ever engage with another management company again. 

That was until my very good friend begged me to call you. He said that he had been working with you for about six months and his business did a 180 degree turn-around. He knew I was struggling and he even offered to pay for my first month of coaching with you. I fought him tooth and nail, until he literally twisted my arm and made me call you. I liked that you told me straight up what you can do; what you couldn't do; and what you WOULDN'T DO. No coaching company ever took me through an interview where they actually listened to me. I was impressed that you created a custom-program just for me. I was even more impressed when I had a crisis and I called you on a Sunday Morning at 9:00am to leave a message for you to call me Monday Morning. I was shocked when you answered the phone, took my call, and talked me through even though you had gotten home at 4:00am after being delayed on a flight. I will never forget how caring and concerned you were. 

One year later after coaching with you, I am proud to say that my business has doubled! My collections are up over 60% and for the first time in 28 years I am running and enjoying a stress-free Business. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to find my way. 

Warmest regards and appreciation

- Todd